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"Discerning independent travelers loyal to The Leading Hotels of the World brand, appreciate having sustainable options available to them, along with outstanding service. Our partnership with STI ensures that we can offer them the choice of responsible luxury at participating member hotels."

– Sharon Ullrick, Manager Resort Marketing, Leading Hotels of the World


Sustainability is now an integral part of quality management. It is an opportunity for business innovation, risk mitigation, and brand quality. Consumer and corporate demand for green hotels is growing, travel industry suppliers are developing new green programs, and governments are developing new policies mandating sustainable practices in the accommodation sector.

  • Do you want to implement more sustainable practices but aren't sure where to start?
  • Is sustainability a core part of your business, but you are not yet using it as a competitive advantage?
  • Have you considered other sustainable tourism certification schemes but feel they are not specifically relevant to the luxury market?

What is LECS?

STI recognizes that luxury accommodations face a specific set of sustainability challenges. In collaboration with Leading Hotels of the World, and Leading Quality Assurance, STI has created an Eco-Certification Standard specifically designed for luxury resorts and hotels. The STEP Luxury Eco-certification Standard (LECS) has been designed with a deep understanding of the high-quality products and services your customers expect. LECS has been designed to help your hotel operate more efficiently and sustainably. This program will reduce your environmental footprint, lower your long-term operating costs while creating customer and employee goodwill. The LECS program consists of a manageable set of environmental and social criteria to help hotels manage their impacts in six key areas of hotel operations:

Policy and Documentation: Sustainability policies, training manuals, and management systems that characterize your approach to sustainability.

Business Planning, Workplace Practices, and Guest Experience: Sustainable operations that support your employees, engage your guests, and strengthen your relationships with all stakeholders

Energy Conservation: A comprehensive approach to energy use and energy conservation programs that helps to improve efficiencies and reduce operating costs

Water Conservation: Existing and potential water use and waste water management strategies, across the full range of your hotel operations

Waste and Recycling: Process and progress on a measureable reduction in waste and increased recycling practices

Community and Ecosystem Impacts: Your contribution to local community engagement, including use of local goods and services, and the environmental impact of your hotel

A demanding and rigorous approach to differentiate industry leaders, LECS provides a valuable and clear statement of a commitment to sustainability that you and your staff can be proud of.


STEP 1: Access to STEP Sustainability Framework ($250-$750 per year)

Enroll in the STEP Framework and complete an online self-assessment. The self-assessment will help you identify and measure key impacts, and become more informed about how to implement industry best practices. Sign up Now

STEP 2: Application and Desk Assessment ($250-$750/one-time fee)

Complete the Policy and Documentation section of the standard, and submit evidence for a desktop review by an STI-Accredited Assessor. This review will determine if your hotel is prepared for Step 3. Once complete, the hotel can schedule an on-site assessment with LQA. Sign Up Now

STEP 3: On-Site Assessment and Certification (fees vary)

Receive a third-party on-site assessment, performed by LQA. The assessor will visit the property and verify adherence with LECS criteria. As a result of the assessment, the property will be recommended for a Silver (Intermediate), Gold (Advanced) or Platinum (Industry Leader) certification label. (Price includes airfare, assessment, and final report).

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