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Education & Training

Consumer Courses and Seminars
Our Consumer Courses and Seminars are thoughtfully designed for community and affinity groups of all sizes, including civic organizations, school groups, and religious institutions. These courses provide individual travelers, conscientious consumers, and others with the information required to travel more responsibly and leave the world a better place.

Program Details
Program duration: One-hour lectures, half-day and full day seminars.
Course fee: One-hour to full day courses may be offered at no cost up to $150 per person

Examples of Course Offerings Include:
The courses detailed under Executive Education are available through this category. In addition, the following courses are available:

Responsible Tourism
How to reduce your negative impacts and enhance your positive impacts. This course will help conscientious travelers and industry professionals make responsible choices when planning and engaging in vacation and business travel. Learn how to research your alternatives, pose the right questions, and encourage travel in ways that contribute to the well being of local communities and the conservation of local cultures and the environment.
Facts For The Visitor
Courses about traveling to specific countries with a slant toward sustainable tourism and educating consumers before departure. Topics include: history, ecology and the environment; flora and fauna; culture and arts; language and cuisine.

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