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Our Programs - Carbon Offsets

Carbon Offset and Green Tag Projects

Our offset project portfolios feature some of the best carbon offsets and renewable energy certificates available in the marketplace. All projects have to verifiably reduce greenhouse gas emissions according to international Kyoto protocol and where indicated to the CDM Gold Standard, they must be Green-e certified, or they must meet the standards set forth by the Climate, Community & Biodiversity Alliance.

Furthermore, they have to satisfy our own criteria which focus on each projects' economic, ecological and social impacts as well as the proficiency of our project partners. This approach ensures long-term sustainable development solutions.

Climate Protection
myclimate's™ carbon offset projects include all of the projects detailed above with the exception of the renewable energy
projects in the U.S. and the reforestation projects in China and Madagascar. Each myclimate™ project complies with the "Project Design Document" of the Clean Development Mechanism (CDM) and the directives for projects in developing countries under the Kyoto Protocol. myclimate™ invests only in renewable energy and energy efficiency projects and projects that support environmental "additionality" of projects. That is, emission reductions represent a physical reduction or avoidance of emissions over what would have otherwise occurred.

STI also offers renewable energy certificates or Green Tags from renewable energy projects that are based in the U.S. and Canada and are independently reviewed and endorsed by leading environmental groups. Each project is carefully sited and operated to minimize local environmental impacts. In addition, Green Tags are certified by Green-e and The Climate Neutral Network, national organizations that are looking out for your interests.

In addition, We offer Conservation Carbon offsets, which support reforestation and avoided deforestation projects and meets the standards set forth by the Climate, Community & Biodiversity Alliance.

Sustainable Development
Each project has to contribute to sustainable development on a local level. myclimate™, for example, has developed stringent criteria for climate protection projects which set clear demands on the project's social, environmental and economic performance.

Reliable local partners are of crucial importance for the implementation of our climate protection projects. They must be able to implement and maintain the projects with an adequate scientific, organizational and economical competence.

Since STI is a non-profit organization, typically an average of 85% of the revenue you invest with us actually goes to the carbon offset projects we support with the balance covering our overhead. We don't just buy anonymous credits from a national power exchange.

STI's Carbon Offset, Conservation Carbon and Green Tag Projects:

Generate additional positive side effects for local community, including improvement in quality of life, pollution mitigation, creation of job opportunities, etc.;
Support regional capacity building and know how transfer in technical and institutional skills to support social and economic improvements;
Respect local cultural values to assure a good integration of the project in local communities;
Generate leverage effects by creating incentives for new projects and local initiatives;
Increase local awareness of environmental problems and sustainable resource management;
Generate financial benefits for local communities due to the long term economical feasibility of the project;
Serve as a demonstration of resource evaluation, technology application, system shaping, etc. to be applied in other projects;
Are realized and accompanied by a competent local partner.

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